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Do your members spend more time complaining than achieving? Are association meetings dragged down by talk of overload and struggle in the workplace? If so, you’re not alone. Whether your group’s members work in project management, high-tech, compliance, health care, or legal, your field is experiencing challenges that were unheard of before the Information Age. In fact, the majority of corporate America- from executives to managers and team members – report feeling overloaded.

Group Harmonics provides tools and strategies to help your members overcome the challenges of today’s workforce. CNN, The Washington Post and CBS consider Ed Muzio a leading expert on Human Performance Technology – the scientific study of measuring and changing behavior. His books have received the ISPI "Award of Excellence", an accolade which only goes to work that is research and evidence-based.

Book Group Harmonics for your next event. After one session your members will discover tools to change their workplace for the better. Each Group Harmonics session gives you access to:

  • Dynamic, Interactive Presentations. Muzio condenses decades of research into fast-paced, engaging seminars. You’ll receive interactive instruction that give your members the tools to improve their work lives today.

  • No approval needed. Unlike some programs that assume an entire work team will go through them together, Group Harmonics programs are designed from the ground up to work equally well at all levels, whether or not coworkers attend together. That means your diverse membership will all find value in the program – and in your association for bringing it to them.

  • Research-based Solutions. Muzio’s strategies on behavior modification have been proven to change the way the workplace operates. As a recognized leader in the field of Human Performance Technology, his analysis-based approach teaches you how to modify behavior in order to achieve specific results.

  • Resources. Expand your professional library. After each seminar, Muzio supplies access to videos for your group’s use. Be a source of value to your members; provide them with tools they can use!

  • Value. Create an event that will pay for itself. A Group Harmonics seminar unites diverse members with the tools everyone can relate to: workplace success.

Are the members of your association working in harmony? Discover the secrets to increased output with reduced stress. Book your customized program today.