Since 2004, Group Harmonics has been providing corporations with practical and effective solutions to common workplace challenges. As a recognized leader in Human Performance Technology, founder Ed Muzio teaches executives, managers and teammates specific behaviors that reduce conflict and boost productivity. These 1–3 day programs condense decades of research into practical, immediately applicable strategies.

Based on extensive research, these strategies have been proven to be effective across a range of industries and executive levels. Best of all, they don’t need group buy-in to be effective. After one interactive session, individuals can implement these tips immediately, causing a ripple effect from their desk, to their workplace, and beyond – even if they’re the only one from their company who attended!

Whatever your industry, when a company changes, grows, or restructures rapidly to meet market demands, it affects how people work together. In fact, workplaces absorb the impact of any system-wide change. Is your field showing signs of strain? Symptoms include complaining, bickering, confusion, churn and wasted effort. Left untreated, these challenges can quickly drain your organization’s resources.

Book Group Harmonics today. Our dynamic presentations provide solutions to everyday workplace dilemmas, giving you and your members the tools to decrease stress and increase output.