Learning to produce high output with low stress may seem impossible, but it’s not. Since 2004, Ed Muzio has taught companies how to benefit from the latest research in productivity and communication.

Ed’s keynote speeches condense research and analytics into actionable, easy to remember presentations. Your company’s teams will leave with proven tips to transform their immediate workplace, from secrets to boosting effectiveness, to the quickest ways to ending workplace drama.

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Surviving Complexity Four Secrets to Liking Your Work

Find the Job You Want – Where You Are

(30–90 minutes, speech)

Imagine a room filled with 10 of your coworkers. Odds are that seven of them don’t like what they do. Do you know which ones? Are you one of them?

The US Employee Engagement Index estimates that only 29% of employees are “truly engaged,” and that 17% of them are actively disengaged and intentionally disruptive. Not only do seven of your coworkers dislike their jobs, but one of them may be actively working at cross purposes, against your employer and against you! Monday Morning Dread is far beyond a morale problem. It’s a performance problem, an output problem, and a longevity problem for all companies!

In Four Secrets to Liking Your Work, Edward Muzio reveals the secrets from his award-winning book. Combining true stories with analytical models, Muzio teaches you how to make your work life more fulfilling and more joyful.

In this 30–90 minute presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your interactions with colleagues.

  • How to motivate yourself.

  • How to find the positive feedback and work experiences you need.

  • How to discover what more you could learn today to become happier and more effective tomorrow.

Four Secrets is the first step on a lifelong path. Discover the small, but effective steps to build the jobs you’ve dreamed about... right where you are. Learn how to transform your career into one that’s passionate, fun, and enormously successful! Book Four Secrets today.

Making Culture Concrete

Inspiring Output & Accountability

(30–90 minutes, speech)

Corporate culture, we're told, drives results and longevity. "Good" cultures flow from "good" leaders; they set the tone and create an environment in which everyone takes responsibility. Viewed this way, your role as leader requires that you inspire people you rarely interact with to take ownership for doing exactly what is required of them, without you knowing what that is, even as you don't miss a beat within your own difficult job.

Forget "measurable"… is that even possible?

In this multimedia presentation, Ed Muzio demonstrates an analytical, experiential process to exert quantifiable influence on company culture. This is neither a motivational speech nor an invitation to change what already works. Rather, it is a set of repeatable patterns of behavior, designed to maximize output in as little as 90 seconds per use. These include:

  • Focusing existing workplace conversation on the most important output.

  • Avoiding drama and strife and moving to results-driven, respectful interaction.

  • Handling complexity and competing pressures in overt ways.

  • Creating more output with less stress, not more stress.

Participants learn about these patterns during the session and leave equipped to apply and share them immediately. You can choose your favorites, employ them yourself, and install them in your organization as you see fit.

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Stop the Griping

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Customized Keynote

Learn how your field can benefit from the latest research in productivity and communication. Ed Muzio combines decades of experience and analysis into actionable, easy to remember presentations. You’ll leave with proven tips to transform your workplace immediately.

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