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"Gandhi inspired us to be the change that we want to see in the
world. Muzio offers us the tools to become that change."
Carla Forrest, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories



Praise for Make Work Great

Accolades Cross Functional, Industrial, and Geographical Lines

A quick read with high ROI. This will turn anyone into a culture builder, anywhere in the organization.
     Roy White, Director of Operations, Semiconductor Capital Equipment Company

A must read for anyone contemplating starting up a new business and for CEOs and leaders of established corporations.
     Terry Sullivan, Director of Production, MemPro Ceramics

Combines storytelling with evidence-based content in a solid organizational change approach.
     Darlene Van Tiem, Ph.D., CPT, CPLP, President, ISPI

Never before has an author so cleverly balanced pragmatism with optimism to describe organizational norms as opportunities for personal empowerment.
     Paul Nieminen, Director of OD, United Parcel Service

The convergence of in-depth analytical research and practical everyday application.
     Dr. Donald E. Conklin, Vice President, United Corporate Services

Summarizes decades of research on culture and behavior, yet light-heartedly reminds us that it all begins with ME.
     Ron Sacchi, Author, Design/Build Your Business

In my thirty plus years as a trainer and consultant to leaders in a variety of companies, I have been constantly asked to recommend books that could help someone be a better leader or manager. Before now there has not been a single book that captures what I consider to be most, if not all, the essential keys to success. I have used these tools, taught these tools and, to have them all in one place, it is like getting a handbook to professional and organizational success.
     Steve Overcashier, OD & Training Manager, Copart

If work feels like you’ve been parachuted into the jungle and are expected to organize a revolution among the people you meet there, this is your operations manual.
     Bill Daniels, CEO, American Consulting and Training

This book not only puts the power back to the employees, but also takes them through a step by step process to achieve the workplace they want.
     Carlann Fergusson, Director of OD, Press Ganey Associates

Creating a culture within an organization is not a trivial matter. Yet with this book, Ed provides clear and concise guidance on how to crystallize out the optimum culture, in a highly-readable and enjoyable work.
     Bill Wright, Product Manager, Roth & Rau AG


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