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"Gandhi inspired us to be the change that we want to see in the
world. Muzio offers us the tools to become that change."
Carla Forrest, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories



Quick Videos in Make Work Great

For Your Reference... Or to Share

Each chapter in Make Work Great makes reference to at least one quick video clip.  In these short segments, author Ed Muzio explains a key idea or topic at a whiteboard, in four minutes or less.  Use the links below to expand on what you've read, preview the contents of the book, or share key ideas with colleagues and friends!

Chapter 1
“Burn Your Org Chart" -- how the onset of the information age has changed the structure of the workplace

Chapter 2
“Say No Without Saying No" -- how to construct and use a “verbalized summary output (or objective)” list as a statement of your workplace purpose

“Six Hidden Factors of Motivation” -- six factors that often incentivize us at work 

Chapter 3
”Smart Managers Read Behavior” -- how to define the pace and content of your approach to another person (whether or not you are a manager)

Chapter 4
“Encouraging Excellent Performance” -- how to encourage someone to replicate a positive behavior

“Changing Behavior” -- how to advise someone regarding a gap in skills or performance

Chapter 5
“Manage the People Managing You” -- how to use the ICE model (identify, connect, explain) with your role set

Chapter 6
“Disagree, Don’t Argue” -- how to use the five building blocks of reality to improve your communications

Chapter 7
“Improving Output” -- how to advise others using the six forms of overtness about task

Chapter 8
“Meeting Types -- Information vs. Solution” -- how to recognize and utilize the two types of meetings

“Turbo-Charge Your Meetings” -- how to add expected outcomes to your meeting plans

“Group Decision Making that Works” -- how to define the process for agreement in a group setting

”Solve it Once” -- how to solve a problem in a solution-oriented meeting

Chapter 9
“Stop the Drama and Do the Work” -- how to recognize and avoid the three roles of the drama triangle  
(Want more drama avoidance? Request an excerpt of Make Work Great and receive "Avoiding Drama at Work" as a bonus.)


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