Group Harmonics will help your business

Run Better

Flex Faster

Produce More than ever before.

Produce More than ever before.


We Create Culture Changers

We Help HR and Business Leaders
Improve culture, communication, and commitment to enable management of complex, interdependent work with greater accuracy and less strife
We Enable Your Organization
To execute consistently and optimally at every level, keeping you ahead of the changes happening today and ready for the ones coming tomorrow

We Do Research
And use only field-tested models and programs that are easy to apply and provide maximum value for the investment - smart solutions with real impact

We Give You Tools, not Theories
Our longest interventions take months, the shortest take minutes. Either way, we leave you with tools for immediate impact. You're the culture changer!

Iterative Management® is Fast, Flexible, and Focused

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Running a management team is incredibly challenging - getting people coordinating rather than bickering, facing criticism below and above for things you can't control, and working with fewer resources than you need are all in a day's work. Iterative Management® is how the highest performing management teams manage to take the next logical step despite the turmoil of the day, every day.  Run your team better and your life gets better too.

Iterate is the book by Ed Muzio that defines what Iterative Management® is and how to do it. (Assessment & online content included - for updates and release information, get our Newsletter.)

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We See Things Differently


Over decades of research and experience, we've found the sweet spot. Our unique approach influences the people, the culture, and the system together, through tools and experiences that help people create the systemic changes that turn into culture.

Management and Culture Performance Boosters

Our video library contains over 100 quick, actionable videos. Here are a few examples...

Use Group Memory to Make Your Decisions Stick

Use Group Memory

Inside and Out: Handling the Destructive Genius

Destructive Genius - Inside and Out

The Five Key Practices for Running an Iterative Management® Team

Five Key Practices

Iterate® : Managing High Performing Teams

Iterate Video

Survive the Pinch of Middle Management

Surviving The Pinch

Why Choose Us?

Our Programs

No matter the duration, we get to the point quickly.

  1. We keep content practical so environmental constraints don't stall adoption.
  2. We employ simulation and action so rehearsal and muscle-memory begin immediately.
  3. We embed real-time assessment so everyone works from reality instead of fiction.
  4. We require collaborative decision-making so people commit to each other, not to us.

Our Process

We help you to help your organization.

  1. We interact with senior executives in specific terms about how to operationalize a culture proven to create the results and growth they demand.
  2. We train managers at every level to coordinate their teams, create output, and flex rapidly in the face of growth or other changes.
  3. We help project managers and individual contributors stay focused, avoid distraction, and deliver results while passing accurate information sideways and upward.



Simulations Score

Simulations' proprietary, custom-designed experiences capture participants’ interest and attention and change their behavior.


Self-Paced Learning Score

Self-paced learning from online courses and books lets you learn at your own pace and in your own place – alone or together.


Live Training Score

Live training sessions get results by being light on lecture, heavy on discussion, application, and action.


Custom Support Score

Custom consultations and interventions assess current state and engage your organization in targeted behaviors in lockstep.


Keynote Score

Keynotes by Ed Muzio explain how to create the teams, management, and culture you need for your organization to succeed.

Our Products, Your Solutions

Our Products, Your Solutions

Customer Testimonials

What makes this different is obvious. 6 months later, I still remember exactly what I'm supposed to do - and I'm still doing it.

Linda Thakeray - Principal Operations Engineer / Fortune 50 Technology Company

...allowed us to achieve results which exceeded our expectations and most certainly surprised Wall Street.

David Chamberlain - StrideRite Corporation - Chairman and CEO

...the intended outcomes were achieved, everyone got to have their say and contribute (noting we had a mixture of senior and middle management); and the synergy in the room was awesome...

-Nathaniel Rowe, Retail Area Manager - (responsible for profitability in 15-store retail chain in Australia)

Accomplishments were nothing short of spectacular. Manufacturing time was reduced by 50%; revenues increased 247% in 3 years.

Steve Cooper, Retired Chairman, President and CEO Etec System

As our company grew from less than 50 to more than 400, we faced significant challenges in sustaining efficient information flow... and coordinating fast, effective decision making. Iterative Management® gave us the tools to address these challenges successfully, so that we could scale rapidly.

Conor Madigan, PhD, President and Co-Founder, Kateeva

Ed signatureMuzio, founder and CEO of Group Harmonics has been called “one of the planet’s clearest thinkers on management practice" – and that’s by someone who would know, the editor of an international business magazine. His mantra is "higher output, lower stress, sustainable growth" -- a promise central to his company’s mission of creating culture changers.

His books have won Awards of Excellence in the performance improvement field, and his work on culture change has been hailed for producing substantial results even in the most challenging circumstances. Originally trained as an engineer, Ed has started organizations large and small, led global initiatives in technology development and employee recruitment, and published articles and papers on a variety of business topics, from manufacturing strategy to the relationship between individual skills and team output.

Connect with Ed:

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