Research – and common sense – tell us that a workplace is not a bunch of individuals “doing their best.” It’s an interconnected system. In order to thrive, organizations must successfully respond quickly and intelligently to internal and external changes. Whether your company is growing rapidly, deploying a new product, or simply experiencing overload, your systematic issues require systematic solutions.

Since 2004, Group Harmonics has been providing corporations with practical and effective solutions to common workplace challenges - solutions that enable individuals to perform better even as they help the system perform better. Decades of analysis and professional experience have shown that organizations don’t succeed or fail based on individual brainpower. Your company’s success depends on how well its members work together. Whether solving problems, making decisions or allocating resources, your team needs to be rowing in the same direction.

Group Harmonics helps executives, managers and teammates create a work environment that naturally and systematically enhances productivity. Our solutions are based on extensive research and have been proven to be effective across a range of industries and organizational levels.

Group Harmonics has solutions to your everyday workplace dilemmas. Our programs condense decades of research into practical, immediately applicable strategies. After each one, every person will know exactly what to do to decrease stress, increase output, and produce more sustainable and scalable results.

Ed Muzio

EdMuzioHeadshot1CNN, The Washington Post and CBS – among others – look to Ed Muzio as an expert on business culture. And for good reason. He is a multiple recipient of the International Society for Performance Improvement Award of Excellence, an accolade which only goes to work that is research and evidence-based, with a documented impact.

Ed incorporates decades of research into intelligent and practical lessons. Whether providing a five-minute mini-simulation or 3 days' worth of material and strategies, Ed gives executives, managers, and their employees the tools to start making immediate changes. Download Ed's bio; Download Ed's headshot.