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Dress Rehearsal

Today’s corporation must be more nimble, more effective, and more communicative. What this means to stockholders is more profitability. What it means to employees is a more competitive organization in which competition comes from within as well as without, communication is so rampant as to be confusing, and “what have you done for me lately?” feels like it’s the new slogan for performance evaluation.

Dress Rehearsal is a unique, immersive simulation that engages managers and professionals in a cooperative and exciting cross-functional experience. Participants are challenged to solve problems and create group output through collaboration, communication, and highly efficient information transfer. The results are literally culture-changing, breathing new life into work environments and participants alike and creating solutions to common problems like conflicting goals, information overload, and organizational inflexibility. In Dress Rehearsal, business leaders, HR professionals, and instructors practice behaviors critical for success in today's complex, interdependent work environment.

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