The Importance of Goals, Resources, and Feedback

Chain Gang

There’s only one way to achieve high productivity over the long term: make it about results! At the individual level, this means that every worker must always have clear expectations, control of necessary resources, and immediate, reliable feedback on his or her progress.

This sounds simple and intuitive to many, yet the implementation is a constant struggle. What are the expectations on a project manager? Where is the feedback for a software developer? Nearly every specific implementation presents its own set of challenges regarding the installation of these three components.

The Chain Gang is centered on an exciting, challenging and deeply educational simulation of a workplace environment. Participants first learn to apply the three key factors in this simple world, and then they generalize them to their own environment. The word of the day is experience; once a participant experiences the reality of having the key factors in place, he or she will rush to find and create applications back at the workplace.

This course works well taken with a whole team, but it can also be taken with strangers as a development experience. Participants never forget the experience and what they learn.

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