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A Self-Paced Start-up for Iterative Management® Teams

Iterate Video

There’s no getting around it: Iterative Management® happens in teams. If you run a team – especially a team of managers – you’ll want the whole team to be as clear as you are on what it takes to Iterate®, and how each individual needs to behave in support of the team.

In this self-paced, online course, award-winning author Ed Muzio takes you and your management team through the key concepts behind Iterative Management®, one by one. Through a series of animated videos and engaging discussions, your team will develop the language and practice the behaviors that get them collaborating in pursuit of your output commitments. By the end of the 2-6 month program, your team will:

  • Look FORWARD: Organize resources to best meet what’s coming instead of what’s already done
  • Look UP: Collaborate at every level to meet the targets of the next higher level, instead of looking down and micromanaging each other
  • Inject as much REALITY as possible into your decisions and actions
  • Manage rapid growth, rapid change, and remain flexible in uncertain times

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