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ITERATE:  Iterative Management® isn't about abstract theories. It's an operational approach to running a management team that keeps the organization on track and coordinated. It's how the highest performing organizations are managing themselves today, even though they don't all realize it! To run a fast, flexible, focused management team, you need practical action steps, not abstract theories.

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MAKE WORK GREAT:  This book offers managers and executives at every level a blueprint for building a positive, motivating, and productive workplace in any kind of organization. Top-down hierarchies are becoming outmoded, especially in today’s decentralized, multi-cultural business environment. Ed gives managers the tools to fundamentally alter the culture and inspire workers to support, collaborate and pool their talents. Ed presents easy-to-implement, non-disruptive daily activities that strengthen peer relationships in any group, and make any organization stronger, more resilient, and better able to respond to challenges.

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FOUR SECRETS TO LIKING YOUR WORK:  Start the Solution! This book is not a stop-whining-fast program inflicted on you by someone else. It's also not a program of denial, closing your eyes and imagining a better world. Liking Your Work is about you doing what you can to make your work life better. Imagine for a moment that you looked forward to going to work. Imagine work that was fun, engaging, and felt more like recreation and less like…well, work! Imagine thinking, “I can’t believe I get paid for this.”.

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Our subscription-based video platform has over 95 videos to help Boost your Management and Culture at work, with more on the way. Our searchable database of resources covers a variety of workplace problems.

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