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Any good coach will work with you privately to help you make progress on a variety of fronts. But moving into Iterative Management® isn’t about improving yourself in a vacuum – it’s about running your management team in a specific, highly functional way. And since that team is populated by headstrong professionals with their own agendas, a one-on-one meeting with your coach hours or days before or after a staff meeting won’t be enough to create change. You need eyes and ears on the situation, on the dynamics, and on the successes and struggles. And, you need real-time advice about what to do, as things are happening, from someone in a position to help you to help your team to run better.

Our unique approach puts you alone with your coach immediately before and immediately after your regular staff meeting. And, your coach silently observes what happens during that meeting, communicating with you in real time by text or private chat. As a result, you get practical recommendations that help you make the best decisions and take the best actions in the moment, while remaining firmly in the leadership role. (In some cases, by advance arrangement, your coach can also deliver invited briefings and other facilitated mini-sessions to your entire team, in support of the changes you desire.)

Get the advice you need, when you need it, and you’ll find yourself following a clear path to the way you want your meeting – and your organization – to Iterate®.

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