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Whether you’re the CEO or a mid-level OD manager, we start by listening to you. We want to understand if the problems you’re seeing – maybe lack of agility, too many silos, or simple miscommunication – would be helped by our expertise. Sometimes, we all know what needs to happen after just one conversation.

Sometimes we don’t. In that case, our refined methodology allows us to observe key meetings in your organization, interview a few team members, and then draw accurate and useful conclusions about the extent to which your organization is practicing Iterative Management®. We’ll find your highest-leverage improvement opportunities and help you address them. And, our recommendations typically include steps you can take without us as well as steps you can take with us. That way, if our engagement ends with the delivery of our findings, you have actionable next steps.

Either way it’s your people, not ours, who become your culture changers.

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