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HR & OD: Advising for Accountability and Alignment

Own Your Seat

The leadership team in your company – or, at your client – moves fast and demands results. If you have an audience with them, you’d better articulate the ways in which you intend to help them produce useful output, or forget about an invitation to return. This poses a serious problem for many in Human Resources and Human Performance. You may understand their biggest problems but as soon as you start talking about people systems, human performance, collaboration, and – perish the thought – morale, you get ignored. You need to speak their language.

In this one day session, you’ll gain both theoretical knowledge and practical tools to bring unique and useful solutions to leaders at all levels of your organization or your clients’ organizations. You’ll gain a framework that underpins and adds to the expertise you already have, and that will allow you to discuss, in specific and particular terms, your clients’ real problems.

Whether you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with front-line managers or the Board of Directors, you’ll leave better equipped than ever to practice your profession proudly and with maximum impact.

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