The Behaviors That Help You Iterate®

Ed Keynote

Management. In too many organizations it's a synonym for unnecessary paperwork and uninformative meetings, conjuring an image somewhere between befuddled bureaucrat and dominating parent. But the real function of management - its highest function - is anything but bureaucratic or domineering. Management exists to keep the organization on track, constantly adjusting resources, activities, and priorities so that the highest priority outputs are delivered despite the significant, unforeseeable changes along the way. Management's job is to enable the organization to Iterate® - to take the best step it can today, learn from it, and then take the best next step tomorrow based on what it learned today. In the process, it helps the organization to get better at making decisions at every level.

In this multimedia keynote, Ed sets up the concept of Iterative Management® with his popular "walking to your car" story, and then guides your audience of managers and knowledge workers as they ponder the real purpose of management and how to perform it. Attendees leave inspired by a clearer understanding of what management is supposed to be doing, and - more importantly - with some specific tools and ideas to start doing it.

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