HR's Role in Culture is Far More Than the Surveys

Ed Keynote

Corporate culture drives results and longevity; "good" cultures create engaged employees, higher retention, and more flexible organizations. This sounds great, yet too often the next step in this line of thinking is an all-hands survey, one that ends up recommending things like monthly birthday parties and brighter conference room paint.

There's nothing wrong with parties or paint, but culture-by-survey misses much of the point. In this multimedia keynote, Ed calls into question the notion that we can fix culture by asking people what they want in a survey, and then giving it to them. He then goes on to present a clear, empirical look at what it is about culture than can be trained - what high performing culture actually looks like when it's working in an organization's favor, and how that differs from the typical standards of management and operations in many of today's workplaces. Based on his concept of Iterative Management®, and backed by research spanning seven decades, Ed gives your audience of managers, knowledge workers, and HR professionals a complete, systematic, and pragmatic way of thinking about what culture really is, how to talk about it, and how to create it.

Join Ed for a unique and informative look at the topic of corporate culture. You'll learn, you'll reflect, you may even laugh a little. And there won't be a survey in sight.

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